Author: Daniel Angles-Alcazar

Young Scholars Senior Summit Showcase 2022

Congratulations to Pepper Rhodes for a fantastic presentation at the Young Scholars Senior Summit Showcase!  The YSSS program hosts extremely talented high school students that have been selected as Jack Kent Cooke Foundation scholars to participate in a three-week research mentoring program at UConn.  Pepper has investigated the components and structure of galaxy clusters using cosmological simulations!

Pepper comparing the dark matter and gas components in a massive galaxy cluster and explaining her Python code:

Pepper presentation

Pepper coding

Pepper and the mentoring team:  Jonathan Mercedes-Feliz, Matthew Gebhardt, Xavier Sims, Niranjan Roy (not in the picture), and Daniel Anglés-Alcázar.

YSSS showcase 2022

Hyper-refinement Simulations in Astro2020 report

The Decadal Survey on Astronomy and Astrophysics 2020 (Astro2020), assembled by a 20-member steering committee and 13 expert panels gathering input from across the community, highlighted the crucial importance of theoretical models to support large observational programs in the Cosmic Ecosystems science priority.  The final report featured an image from our cosmological hyper-refinement simulations to illustrate the multi-scale nature of gas flows from the cosmic web down to supermassive black holes!

CAMELS wave!

Three CAMELS papers posted to arXiv this week!  We perform multifield cosmology with artificial intelligence for the first time, show that neural networks can yield robust marginalization of baryonic effects for cosmological inference at the field level, and make publicly available the largest dataset of 2D maps and 3D grids with properties of cosmic gas, dark matter, and stars to train machine learning algorithms in the CAMELS Multifield Dataset.